AGRIinsight supports smallholder farmers in emerging markets, international agribusinesses and governmental organisations improve their strategic and operational effectiveness.

AGRIinsight’s powerful geo-visualisation interface, relevant map overlays, search and communication tools enables its users to store, visualise and analyse private and public data in context, create new insights, connect and collaborate with agribusinesses to create sustainable and profitable supply chains.

AGRIinsight users may add their own profiles including contact details, location, investment or support requirements, and easily contact other agribusinesses who have done the same.

AGRIinsight users can store private operational and management information and visualise the information on maps in the context of other publicly available information such as infrastructure, soil and climatic conditions. Users have full control over how the information is shared with colleagues or partners.


Upload information and take your agribusiness online – be seen by your customers and investment partners


See your agribusiness information in geographic context using our interactive maps – uncover valuable insights using the power of location


Find the agribusiness partners you’re looking for – specify your search criteria and discover the information you need to make better decisions


Set up two-way communication with agribusiness partners – share information to create vibrant and profitable supply chains

About Us

The AGRIinsight team share many years of experience developing and working with sub-Saharan agribusinesses. The team is driven by a belief in the vast potential of Africa’s agriculture sector to generate improved incomes, returns on investment, greater food security and wide-reaching positive socio-economic change.

AGRIinsight recognizes that to achieve this, clear and relevant information is required on the status, needs, and opportunities in the sector. To address this gap, AGRIinsight offers users a mechanism to map locations of agribusinesses and infrastructure, aggregate relevant information including private data and enable targeted information-sharing within different value chains, projects or investments.

AGRIinsight believes that by providing access to relevant data in targeted, secure and smarter ways will appeal to the new generation of farmers in Africa. The introduction of cheaper smart phones opens up a new world of possibilities for their businesses. It enables them to collaborate with other agripreneurs to build a crowd-sourcing style movement to benefit all.

Our Team

Patrick Guyver

Patrick Guyver


Patrick has worked in the agribusiness sector for over 30 years, and is the co-founder of AGRIinsight as well as founder of the agribusiness advisory company Prorustica.

Frédéric Kilcher

Frédéric Kilcher


Frédéric has extensive experience in project management, value chain analysis, market linkages, and small company and farmer organization development.

Manon Lelievre

Manon Lelievre

Head of Programmes

Manon is an agro-economist and has over the past 5 years, worked in the sectors of Agriculture, Fisheries and Renewable Energy in Mozambique, Brazil and now in Tanzania.

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