AGRIinsight Ltd is a UK-based company developing innovative technologies used in emerging markets. We strongly believe in the potential of the agriculture sector to generate wide-reaching positive change for producers in emerging markets.

The Challenge

The African population is expected to grow by 1 billion people within the next 35 years putting pressure on the sub-Saharan African Agribusiness sector. Sub-Saharan agribusiness will need to significantly expand and become more efficient to meet the demands yet yields continue to significantly be below world average.

One of the biggest challenges that agribusinesses face is getting access to commercially relevant information in an easily understandable format in a centralised location, and to be able to use the information to maintain and expand markets which are set to increase to one trillion dollars by 2035.

Our Solution

An online platform that harnesses agricultural data from farmer to retailer.

Tools to aggregate, organise and analyse location-specific data to unlock its true potential.

A suite of mobile applications to collect farm data and extend agricultural services to a network of farmers.

Using network buying power to support online transactions between supply chain partners.

How we do this


“AGRIinsight is the solution for viable aggregation”

Agricultural Council Tanzania (ACT)

“Yara is determined to address the challenges of smallholder farmers with new digital options and we are therefore keen to provide access to our distribution network to allow them to test the Ubia Soko application”

Yara International

You have come up with something that is very valuable. This is the way to breakdown data silos”

USAID Tanzania

Our Supporters