AGRIinsight is supporting the development of  unique multi-service platforms where existing and new technologies are combined to build a comprehensive business-support solution for farmers and their families in emerging markets.

We are addressing rural family needs by providing them with much needed services and re-engineering the way these needs are accessed and delivered through a mobile application, Ubia Soko.

Ubia Soko opens up markets and helps tackle the constraints that currently prevent rural families from becoming more profitable. By also providing Ubia Soko to service providers this allows them access to new and significant rural markets.

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The Opportunity

The African population is expected to grow by 1 billion people within the next 35 years. Farmers and their families are one of the most important demographics on the continent  as they make up well over 70% of the population as well as contribute a large proportion of GDP in most countries.

A farmer is no different from a doctor or lawyer in that they are aspirational and consumers of a wide variety of products, seeking out quality affordable goods for their families. However, farming families are typically excluded from business growth strategies. Cited reasons for exclusion include a perceived lack of cash and too difficult and expensive to reach.

The premise that farming families don’t have money to save or consume products is false. The mobile phone and mobile money industries have shown exponential growth over the last 10 years mainly because of the development of network access in rural areas allowing rural dwellers to purchase phones and access services.

There is therefore  huge potential to open up new markets to the rural population by providing digital tools that will spread and stretch the farmers wealth beyond the harvest period.

By using Ubia Soko’s AI and other algorithms, coupled with careful management,  Ubia Soko helps farmers and their families build businesses as well as attain lifestyles they aspire to.



“AGRIinsight is the solution for viable aggregation”

Agricultural Council Tanzania (ACT)

“Yara is determined to address the challenges of smallholder farmers with new digital options and we are therefore keen to provide access to our distribution network to allow them to test the Ubia Soko application”

Yara International

You have come up with something that is very valuable. This is the way to breakdown data silos”

USAID Tanzania

“We are sure this project will bring an agricultural revolution to our farmers and the agriculture industry in our country.”
Petrobena Tanzania Ltd

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