AGRIinsight Ltd is a UK-based company developing innovative technologies used in emerging markets. We strongly believe in the potential of the agriculture sector to generate wide-reaching positive change for producers in emerging markets.

We are building a company that develops relevant and appropriate technology to help plug the information gap and reduce the risk of investing in agribusiness, helping the agriculture sector deliver on its potential.

Our main clients are smallholder farmers that currently have limited access to inputs and markets. The overall scale of the sub Saharan smallholder landscape is, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), some 120 million farms (out of a total 570 million globally). Productivity growth in this segment can play an important role in rural development, driving demand for non-farm goods and services, raising demand for wage labour and improving access to food.

It is this segment that presents a market opportunity for us and through our mobile applications we can help tackle the constraints that currently prevent these farms from becoming more profitable.

The Challenge

The African population is expected to grow by 1 billion people within the next 35 years putting pressure on the sub-Saharan African Agribusiness sector. Sub-Saharan agribusiness will need to significantly expand and become more efficient to meet the demands yet yields continue to significantly be below world average.

However, yields have plateaued, supply chains are disorganised, and farmers struggle with high input costs and have poor access to commodity markets.

Average maize yields in Africa are at 1.3 mt/ha, whereas in America yields are some 9 mt/ha. About 50% of this yield gap can be closed through increased soil nutrients and crop protection. However, inputs use is well below even low to middle income countries.

There is therefore  huge potential to close the gap through better inputs access, combined with responsible, sustainable use linked to markets.


Our Solution

An online platform that harnesses agricultural data from farmer to retailer.

Tools to aggregate, organise and analyse location-specific data to unlock its true potential.

A suite of mobile applications to collect farm data and extend agricultural services to a network of farmers.

Networking buying power to support online transactions between supply chain partners.

Access to finance for farmers through a simple and secure  cashless payments platform.

How we do this


“AGRIinsight is the solution for viable aggregation”

Agricultural Council Tanzania (ACT)

“Yara is determined to address the challenges of smallholder farmers with new digital options and we are therefore keen to provide access to our distribution network to allow them to test the Ubia Soko application”

Yara International

You have come up with something that is very valuable. This is the way to breakdown data silos”

USAID Tanzania

“We are sure this project will bring an agricultural revolution to our farmers and the agriculture industry in our country.”
Petrobena Tanzania Ltd

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