Discovery – Day 13

We gained important insights from our work in Ngalimila this morning. Many farmers were complaining that they have tried using fertilisers but all they do is make the maize grow taller with no yield increases. Farmers are invariably buying cheaper urea and not complementing this with additional nutrients like P and K or new seeds. This highlights the importance of inputs packages.

The distributors and Ubia Soko are working together to formulate two simple and affordable inputs packages that we then offer to farmers via the app. For farmers this is a process of discovery – some are finding it easier than others to seize the opportunity – But the lightbulb moment is when we demonstrate the  mobile money payments platform integrated into the process.  Many farmers are comfortable with the process because they send and receive remittances and they see that it is possible to use this useful service  in other ways to improve their farms.

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