Meet the field team – Day 14

Meet the Ubia Soko field team on their stopover in Chisano today: Frédéric, Jesko and Joshua. Fred is our CIO and has lived and worked in Tanzania for many years; he has in-depth knowledge of the region. Jesko is one of the larger commodity traders in the Morogoro region and has been central to creating awareness of Ubia Soko amongst farmers. Jesko’s familiarity with the region, having lived and worked within the community for over 30 years, is fundamental to creating meaningful farmer relationships.  Joshua has worked with us over the years on a range of commodity and smallholder based programmes and in particular our work on farmer organisation training with the World Food Programme in 2015/16. Together, their combined knowledge and experience is helping us to fine-tune the Ubia Soko product. We feel confident for the future of the platform having such a great team.

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