Traders – Day 16


The AGRIinsight field team has arrived back in Ifakara after two weeks on the road. This is a small rural town in the Kilombero District, Morogoro Region and is the main trading centre for Kilombero and Ulanga districts. It is also the headquarters of one of the main traders with whom we are working.

When we set off on this road trip, we were optimistic but also realistic. We’re delighted the trader who has been alongside our team has concluded that the Ubia Soko platform offers huge opportunities for them. He has therefore decided to pick up the system and use it to further support the many farmers with whom he works. 

The trader has agreed over the coming weeks to follow up with the farmers’ associations that they work with and ensure that all rice paddy sales are traded through Ubia Soko. As the traders and agrodealers take ownership, we are therefore transitioning from our pilot activities to more substantial sales and real scale. We are very excited to be monitoring these trades over the coming weeks;  offering farmers not only access to reliable markets but also price premiums.

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