AGRIinsight announces new Director to support development of our platform in East Africa.



The AGRIinsight Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mihayo Wilmore as a Director of the Company from immediate effect.

As Director, Mihayo will provide leadership to our initiatives specifically in Tanzania and to further the development and rollout of our Ubia Soko application. Mihayo will consolidate and build on our strong track record of partnership development and deliver further growth by securing funding to support new collaborative initiatives.

Mihayo has a successful history in African based technology development and entrepreneurship. He has played a key part in the development of Twigalpha, an accelerator for technology-minded entrepreneurs in Dar es Salaam. Twigalpha’s mission is to “elevate African Entrepreneurship through smart business and technology solutions.”

Professionally, Mihayo focuses on telecommunication and Information Systems in emerging markets. He has spent more than a decade in the industry with experience in financial services, economic development, telecommunication, supply chain management, social security funds, M&A, and regulatory frameworks.

Before establishing Twigalpha, Mihayo was a founding partner of UmojaOne, the parent company of UhuruOne, SBB, and Telesis Tanzania which owns the Spectrum popularly known as Tigo 4G operated by Tigo Tanzania. His experience spans four continents; Africa, Europe, North and South America and has worked with leading brands such as Microsoft, Cisco, Alcatel, Celtel, Tigo, MTN, Zantel, Zain, Airtel and Unisys.

Patrick Guyver, Chair of the Board said, “We are delighted to appoint Mihayo to this position. His experience designing and building relevant technology solutions, his networks and regulatory knowledge, combined with his proven ability at identifying opportunities, developing partnerships, and leading initiatives, will help build on AGRIinsight’s success and deliver an exciting future for the Company. He is passionate about the opportunities ICT brings to Africa.”


About Us
AGRIinsight is a UK-based company developing innovative technologies to be used in emerging markets. AGRIinsight has developed an online platform and mobile applications that provide farmers and agribusinesses with the ability to order and purchase inputs and sell products easily and cost effectively. By combining with relevant maps and search tools, relevant data can be stored, visualised and analysed in context with publically avialable data. This then generates new insights, allows users to connect and collaborate to create sustainable and profitable supply chains. Visit our websiteto learn more or follow us on twitter


Cambridge 26thApril 2019

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  1. This is great news! Big up Mihayo. Waiting to see barrier breaking achievements. God’s speed!

  2. Very good to see you going into Agro…. Its the most permanent of all Ventures. We need your Inputs in here….. Supported and Welcomed

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