AGRIinsight sees surge in demand for its mobile services during COVID 19 Pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic has introduced urgency into our work but also exposed the critical importance of introducing a digital service to farmers to minimise social gatherings and face to face contact.

Our trading and processing partners have also adapted their processes – combining rice procurement and aggregation work with farmers and integrating digital registration using AGRIinsight’s Ubia Soko application.  Over the past few days our partners have registered 7,000 rice farmers.

We are also in the process of completing the digitisation of the rice supply chain from farmers in the Southern Highlands to major urban markets – building the next stages of our technology to connect directly to consumers and help counter the challenges of COVID 19.

We can now offer a full digital farm-to-fork service that will revolutionise the way that smallholders connect with markets. We are ensuring that the company’s agility is used to strengthen local food supplies to counter the pandemic.

The way we deploy our technology supports the development of the local economy, counters the challenges of COVID 19 and helps protect the population from the unpredictability of global markets, while securing more stable incomes for smallholders.

We will keep you up-to-date on developments!


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