How we do this

AGRIinsight’s mobile app – Ubia Soko – aggregates information to a dashboard to allow agro-dealers and traders to plan and provide competitive prices on bulk inputs or offer premium prices for bulk outputs. Farmers benefit from improved profit margins plus tailored “inputs packages” for specific crops and land areas to ensure optimal use while preserving the integrity of the environment and protecting consumers. Farmers manage transactions using our integrated mobile money service built into Ubia Soko, thereby creating a safe, cashless process.

By improving the aggregation process traders and inputs providers can work directly with farmers more effectively using Ubia Soko as a focal point to consolidate production and inputs, channel electronic payments and introduce additional services such as insurance, machinery, banking and training and extension.

The electronic aggregation model therefore offers opportunities to create more sustainable supply chains, reach many smallholder farmers, many of them women, and disseminate capital at far reduced transaction costs.

Providing a little information, farmers gain access to the services and electronically order inputs, offer their produce and use the streamlined cashless payment system using integrated mobile money. Farmers can directly manage their money using their e-wallets, and all data is safely processed, recorded and managed on the AGRIinsight platform.

The impact