AGRIinsight announces new Director to support development of our platform in East Africa.

    The AGRIinsight Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mihayo Wilmore as a Director of the Company from immediate effect. As Director, Mihayo will provide leadership to our initiatives specifically in Tanzania and to further the development and rollout of our Ubia Soko application. Mihayo will consolidate and build on our …

A platform for everyone – women make up 30% of early stage sign-ups

Our early stage field registration saw 30% sign ups coming from women. This is very encouraging as currently women are more likely to be denied access to agricultural services including inputs and finance. Although there is still some gender bias towards access to mobile phones (women are 10% less likely to own a phone), access is improving …

We’ve launched! Farmers queue to sign up to app Ubia Soko

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In Itete, situated in  the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, farmers queued to register  for our new app, Ubia Soko. We've been delighted with the turnout, and many farmers were keen to start using AgriInsight technology. What is Ubia Soko? Here is Ali Chikomela, who travelled by bicycle to register. Ali is part of the Mbaraji …

Good turnout!

Full turn out today! We are in Itete today and it was standing room only at the local farmer association. The strength of #ubiasoko and opportunities that farmers can gain is being by seized by smallholder farmers.

Farmer Registration in Minepa

The next phase in farmer registration has begun. We have had good farmer turnout at the demonstration events in the villages. Here is a clip of farmer registration in Minepa yesterday - with queues forming as farmers waited patiently to be registered and get access to the Ubia Solo services.


This afternoon the #Twigalpha Team met Justo Linga from Dicklukala Ltd. He took them on a tour of the company's rice mill operations and warehouse. They then met the CEO Dickson Lukala who was excited to see them. He explained there were  approx 6000 farmers, in 6 association that they are currently working with. The goal …

Planning and logistics

The planning for farmer training and registration takes time. We are lucky that we are working with partners like Petrobena and Dicklukala, who have logistics experience particularly in the regions where we are operating. Knowledge of farmer behaviour is incredibly valuable when we are planning the Ubia Soko rollout; plus a clear understanding of what …

Back in the field

We are in Morogoro this week with our partners PetroBena and Dicklukala - looking forward to positive feedback from the field team, ensuring that the Ubia Soko rollout will bring huge benefits to farmers and the Agriculture industry in Tanzania. Stay tuned for updates!