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Meet the team

The AGRIinsight team share many years of experience developing and working with sub-Saharan agribusinesses.  We are driven by a belief in the vast potential of Africa’s agriculture sector to generate improved incomes, returns on investment, greater food security and wide-reaching positive socio-economic change.

Patrick Guyver

Co-founder and Chief Executive

Patrick has worked in the agribusiness sector for over 30 years, and is the co-founder of AGRIinsight as well as founder of the agribusiness advisory company Prorustica.

Frédéric Kilcher

Chief Information Officer

Frédéric has extensive experience across SSA in project management, value chain analysis, market linkages, and small company and farmer organization development.

Manon Lelievre

Head of Programmes

Manon is an agro-economist and has, over the past 5 years, worked in the sectors of Agriculture, Fisheries and Renewable Energy in Mozambique, Brazil and now in Tanzania.

Charlotte Brown

Senior Consultant

Charlotte has 10 years of experience in international development project cycle management, agribusiness development support, capacity building, and sustainability.