Our Team


Our team share many years of experience developing and working with sub-Saharan agribusinesses. We are driven by a belief in the vast potential of Africa’s agriculture sector to generate improved incomes, returns on investment, greater food security and wide-reaching positive socio-economic change.


Patrick Guyver is the CEO, and is responsible for leading the overall delivery of the programme, managing the team and acting as the focal point with the Partners. He has over 30 years’ private sector development experience working in transitional economies including Africa and has extensive programme management experience. He was a senior agribusiness investment manager at Rabobank in the 1990s, founded the agribusiness advisory company Prorustica in the 2000s and became CEO of AGRIinsight in 2014.

Fred BW

Frederic Kilcher, our CIO and Regional Manager for East Africa, has 20 years’ value chain development experience. He is based in Tanzania specialising in value chain development and smallholder focused farming as a business training. He has designed smallholder programmes across Africa focusing on training farmers in best farm management practices and integration into commercial value chains.

James M

James Mugo, our IT Developer, is a seasoned full-stack software developer with a background in software development, project management, accounting and system analysis and design, He programmes in Android mobile Application development, Java SE, Java EE, HTML5, CSS, PHP and SQL.

Charlotte centred

Charlotte Brown, Head of Operations, has been working in programme management, particularly for publicly funded rural and private sector development programmes, for nearly ten years. She has worked for sustainable agriculture NGOs in southern Africa developing farmer and household food security and was Partnership Manager for a Connect to Grow programme, working with agribusinesses across Sub Saharan Africa.

Mark Magila bw

Mark Magila, Field Director, has 30 years experience in Tanzanian supply chain management. For 10 years, he spent his working career in Tanzania’s Ministry of Agriculture planning and appraising development projects mainly for rural areas. He is the Programme Director of Agricultural Council of Tanzania’s Agricultural Partnership.

John Walley

John Walley is our IT manager and is a seasoned full-stack software developer with a background in software development and project management. He has software engineering expertise and has been involved in the development of the AGRIinsight mapping platform and brings extensive practical expertise in database development, data visualization tools and analytics platforms.

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