The Challenge

Sub Saharan Africa has a number of issues in its markets. Average maize yields have plateaued at 1.3 mt/ha, whereas in America yields are some 9 mt/ha. About 50% of this yield gap can be closed through increased soil nutrients and crop protection.

However, inputs use is far lower than other developing countries. There is huge potential to close this gap through better inputs access combined with responsible, sustainable use, linked to markets.

Agriculture sector growth, where it can be achieved cost-effectively, is likely to have a bigger impact on poverty reduction than growth in other sectors as it offers the most direct route of raising returns to poor people’s main assets, land and labour. AGRIinsight is deploying its Ubia Soko application and combining this with data analytics to increase the pace of development and scale of uptake of agricultural and food systems technology and innovation in Africa.

Rolling out Ubia Solo will provide farmers with tools to access services more effectively.

Our Solution