Our Solution – Ubia Soko

Ubia Soko helps farmers, using their simple feature phones, to order inputs and sell commodities. The platform aggregates farmer’s information to allow service providers to plan and offer competitive prices on bulk inputs or outputs. Farmers benefit from improved profit margins plus tailored inputs packages for specific crops and land areas. ​

By improving the aggregation process, traders and inputs distributors can work more effectively with farmers. Ubia Soko is a focal point to consolidate production and inputs, channel electronic payments and introduce additional services such as insurance and extension. Ubia Soko can offer key services and disseminate capital at far lower transaction costs than traditional methods.

It has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers. ​ By integrating mobile money services into Ubia Soko we can also offer farmers a streamlined cashless payment system giving them the power to manage their money.

How we do this