Ubia Soko

Ubia Soko is a mobile solution that has been designed and built in Dar es Salaam to address farm productivity and nutrition, access to markets and finance and healthcare through a multi-service approach. With the application, agribusinesses, banks, insurers and others offer products and services on a virtual platform.

By simply setting up a profile on Ubia Soko, farmers and their families unlock a networked marketplace that focuses on the main challenges they face. Ubia Soko also provides them with access to bank accounts that allow them to save and pay for relevant services. For banks and insurers, Ubia Soko is a platform to connect with hard-to-reach families, who otherwise might not use their services.


The IP combines old adapted and new technology and business processes (to provide a seamlessly delivered package of farmer services. Ubia Soko works on simple feature phones to ensure a widespread service offering and an ability to provide popular services at lower costs.

Ubia Soko can reach hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers. ​ By integrating mobile money services, we can also offer farmers a streamlined cashless payment system giving farming families the power to manage their money.

How we do this